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$20.00 Sports Card Grab Bags [ a $50.00 Value -$100.00] - FREE Shipping

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$20.00 Grab Bag Deals - Receive $50.00 to $100.00 in Card Value
Ok sports enthusiasts!  This is a deal you just can't pass up.  Read the grab bag rules very carefully and start your buying.  All buyers will love what they get.  For each grab bag deal that we sell, our process will be to grab sports cards at random, one at a time until the lot reaches a current value of $50.00 and not higher than $100.00.  If the first card we pull is a $50.00 card, than that's what the buyer will receive.   Each card we ship will have a minimum high book value of $8.00... we're not going to send you a handful of $2.00 cards.
Grab Bag Rules: (We've been in the sports cards business for over 13 years, so so we know what you need)
  • Buyer gets one grab bag for each item purchased
  • Buyer will receive a minimum of $50.00 in sports cards
  • Some random buyers will receive values upwards of $100.00
  • All cards will have a Beckett high value of at least $6.00
  • We will include a sticker on each card with it's current value
  • Buyer may receive an autographed card in the lot
  • Buyer may receive a game used or race used card in the lot
  • Buyer may receive a short printed or numbered star card
  • Buyer may receive a high grade graded card
  • Buyer may receive a high end high dollar Rookie Card
  • We're not going to promise you any one type of card
  • We're not going to promise you any one sport
  • We're not going to promise you any one player
  • We're not going to promise you any one year
  • What we will promise is that you'll get a better than GREAT value on this deal
  • We have more rookie cards than anything else
  • Value will be based on current Beckett high book value
  • Buyer will receive from 1 to 7 or more cards
  • No we're not selling a poor widow's lot of cards
  • No we're not selling lots from an estate sale
  • No we're not going to ship you a handful of commons
  • All cards will be shipped protected as you would expect
  • All cards will be inserted into a penny sleeve regardless of shipping method used
  • All high end cards will also be inserted into a top loader
  • All cards will ship in a protective bubble mailer (or in a priority mail box)
  • We will do our best to get cards shipped out inside 48 hours
  • FREE USPS First Class Mail (Up to 3 Lots)
  • FREE USPS Priority Mail (5+ Lots Per Order)
WE ANTICIPATE A NUMBER OF REPEAT BUYERS AND GREAT FEEDBACK!  This is not some grab bag deal that you get a handful of commons.  All buyers will receive some VERY nice and EXPENSIVE cards.  We have thousands of cards valued at over $500,000.00 that we want to sell off quickly, so we thought this would be a fun way to sell them.
If you have any suggestions to make this grab bag deal better, send us a comment.

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