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We are buying an air bubble machine and our requirements are below.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  Please quote us your best delivered price (CIF to Tampa, FLORIDA in the USA).
Product Info - And Our Typical Order Configuration:
  • Air bubble machine that supports 4 feet wide bubble (1219mm).
  • Ability to produce 3 layer bubble wrap.
  • Ability to perforate every roll (example:  Every 6", 12", or 18" ect...).
  • Ability to cut / slit the rolls in 12 and 24 inch sections.
  • Forming roll to make small 3/16" (deep) 3/8" (diameter) bubble wrap.
  • Forming roll to make medium 5/16" (deep) 1" (diameter) bubble wrap.
  • Forming roll to make large 1/2" (deep) 1-1/4" (diameter) bubble wrap.
  • Ability to produce Kraft backed bubble.  This is 3/16" bubble with a single layer of Kraft paper glued to the back.
  • Ability to calculate and CUT the rolls to exact footage in length (125', 188', 250', 300, 325', 500', and 750' foot rolls).
  • Machine will need to work on USA power.
  • Purchase - 10 tons of LDPE material.
  • Optional - ability to create bubble mailers with same equipement (750mm).
Purpose:  To become a direct manufacturer of bubble wrap and bubble mailers in the south east region of the USA.

Contact Me:

Skype: Richard_Wyche
Trade Manager: MoversWarehouse

Delivery: Will be to the Tampa, FLORIDA area, zip code 33614.
If you are "NOT" the direct manufacturer of this product, please contact us before submitting your quote.

  1. Please send all information, production videos, pictures and/or prochures that will help us see your equipment in the best possible way.
  2. I request a full document or spreadsheet that outlines EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT and the PRICE FOR EACH PIECE of equipment needed to manufacture the items shown above.
  3. Is your equipment electic or gas?
  4. How many feet do I need to operate the equipment?  I need total length and total width of the equipment, and how much room around it is required to be free of anything else.
  5. What size container is required to ship your item to my Tampa, FLORIDA port?
  6. What are the setup requirements?
  7. What is the warranty on your equipment and parts?
  8. Do you have any USA or International companies using your equipment that we can consult with?
  9. How many people are required to operate your machine?
  10. What are the power requirements?
  11. What is the power consumption per hour of use?


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