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We are in the market for additional suppliers to help us bring in quality bin and gaylord poly liners.

Specifications:  Must not contain any color additives. Made with a proprietary blend of 100% virgin low and linear low density polyethylene. Provided in rolls and each roll individually boxed.

The sizes that we are in need of at this time is below.

  1. Size: 48 x 46 x 72 (121.9cm x 116.8cm x 182.9cm)
    Thickness: 1.5 mil (0.0015), 2 mil (0.002) and 4 mil (0.004)
    Bags per 1.5 Mil Rolls: 75 bags (estimated weight 49 pounds / 18.59729kg
    Bags per 2 Mil Rolls:
    60 bags (estimated weight 51.8 pounds / 23.496084766kg
    Bags per 4 Mil Rolls: 35 bags (estimated weight 60 pounds / 27.2155422kg
    Construction: Bottom Seal
    Color: Clear
    Venting: None
    Printing: None
    Packaging: Rolled and individually boxed in an approved FedEx and UPS box
    Pricing:  Please provide your BEST "FOB PRICE" per thousand bags. (example: $230.00/per thousand)
    Pictures:  Please send us as many pictures as you can of the finished product.  Individually, palletized and/or in a container.
    Quote:  In your quote, please note how many rolls of this size can ship on a single pallet

    Samples:  If you wish to send samples, please send to:

    Movers Warehouse, Inc.
    223 Flamingo Drive
    Apollo Beach, FL., 33572

Here are some sample images of the liners and what they are used for:

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