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BUYING: Kraft Bubble Mailers

WE DO NOT BUY FROM BROKERS or MIDDLE PERSONS!  If you are not the true and direct manufacturer for the bubble mailer, please do not provide us with a quote.  We will only negotiate and buy from the manufacturer and your company WILL BE PROFESSIONALLY VERIFIED BEFORE ANY TRADING.

Please send us a QUOTE at your earliest convenience for a full 40' container of each size below.  We will buy a full 40' container of one single size or mix it up with up to 4 sizes.

Below are my minimum requirements:

  • 3-sided finned edges of at least .39" for added protection
  • Strong, but very light (no heavier than 0.018 oz per item)
  • 1 color printing (black) - Ship-Lite
  • Our own branding on the master case
  • We will pay up to $15.00 for the printing plate
  • Master box needs to be strong and sturdy
  • Minimum of 1" on the flap that seals the mailer
  • Mailer flap must be self-sealing
  • Strong 3/16" bubble on the inside
  • Order size 40' HQ container
Kraft Bubble Mailer Sizes We Buy:
Item   Product Description                Inside Dimensions     Weight per Piece       Case Count 
      #000 Kraft Bubble Mailer         4" x 8"                           .265oz                      500  
#00         #00 Kraft Bubble Mailer          5" x 10"                          .401oz                      250  
#0          #0 Kraft Bubble Mailer             6" x 10"                         .470oz                      250  
#1          #1 Kraft Bubble Mailer             7-1/4" x 12"                   .735oz                      100  
#2          #2 Kraft Bubble Mailer             8-1/2" x 12"                   .850oz                      100  
#3          #3 Kraft Bubble Mailer             8-1/2" x 14-1/2"           1.027oz                       100  
#4          #4 Kraft Bubble Mailer             9-1/2" x 14-1/2"           1.138oz                       100  
#5          #5 Kraft Bubble Mailer            10-1/2" x 16"                1.378oz                       100  
#6          #6 Kraft Bubble Mailer            12-1/2" x 19"                1.927oz                         50   
#7          #7 Kraft Bubble Mailer            14-1/2" x 20                 2.296oz                         50   
CD-ROM   CD-ROM Bubble Mailer            7-1/4" x 8"                     .445oz                       200  
All measurements are “inside” measurements.  All sizes, inside measurements and case quantities are provided above. When you quote, please use US prices, weight and sizes.

Please quote us FOB and CIF pricing.  It might be cheaper for you to ship the container than it is for me to ship with my local freight forwarder.
See what you can do and confirm again how many cases ship in a 40' HQ container.  If you have questions for us or need us to clarify our request, do not hesitate to ask.

Pricing:  If possible, I would like item cost FOB your location and price FOB Tampa, FLORIDA in the USA.  See if you can deliver to Port Tampa or an area closest to Port Tampa.  Use US Dollar pricing on all quotes please.
Printing Requirement:  Our Product # and bubble mailer size required on back of mailer.  See attached image on next page for example text.
Images:  When possible, please provide full images of any product you quote.
Purchasing Size:  Depending on price and quality, we will order either a 20HQ or a 40HQ container.  And for this particular product, we may order 3 to 5 sizes per HQ or we may require a full 40HQ with a mix of all sizes.
Payment:  We will pay by bank wire in advance.  On initial order, seller must agree to place payment in escrow until product is received and approved.  After a successful trade, escrow will not be required on future orders.
Samples:  If you can send samples, please send them to the following address.  Offering samples will greatly enhance our buying decision with your company:
( For Samples, Catalogs and other Mailing Material ONLY – Use address below )
Movers Warehouse, Inc.
11120 Sailbrooke Drive
Riverview, FL  33579 (USA)

Direct Phone #: 1-813-817.1221 / Direct Fax #: 1-813-672-6530
Direct E-mail:
Please visit our website at
If you offer other products that my company distributes, please provide detailed information about that product.
Below is an image we scanned showing the text requirement on our existing mailers.  What we require on all mailers is the item #, mailer size and if possible, recycled paper.  You can see in this example that we used a #000.  On this mailers, we have the 000, the size of the mailer and the recycling configuration.  This information needs to printed on one side only, preferably the back side where the top folds to close.



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