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POLYPROPYLENE - 2.0 MIL (0.0508mm) and 3.0 MIL (0.0762mm) - CARPET PROTECTION FILM

We are looking for additional suppliers for a tough polyethylene film specifically designed for carpet protection from various types of soiling.  The film must have a custom formulated adhesive system that offers excellent adhesion to most types of carpeting and can be kept in place for up to 45 days.  Rolls need to be reverse wound on easy to handle 2" cores (2 inch diameter) for a simple one-person application.  The user needs to be able to lay the roll down where they want to begin and roll it out like a carpet, with the adhesive sticking to the carpet as the roll is laid out.

Please quote us your best price on both the "2.0 and a 3.0 mil thick films" in the following sizes with the specifications provided above.  Please quote us based on the price of a single roll.

Film / Packaging Requirements:

  • Core Size:  2" (50.8mm)
  • Printing: No printing on film
  • Wound:  Reverse wound
  • Perforation:  No perforation on film
  • Packaging:  1 roll per box
  • Packaging:  White box with snug fit to roll of film
  • Packaging:  Carpet Protection Film on two sides of box
  • Packaging:  Label on 1 end that has the size of the roll
  • Desired Color:  Clear / Transparent, Blue and Red
Film Thicknesses Requested:  We buy both the 2 and 3 mil films.  Please enter your best price next to the item where the $ is located.  We ask that you provide CIF and DPP pricing.  Delivery will be to Tampa, FLORIDA in the USA, using zip code 33614.

2mil film = 0.0508mm
film = 0.0762mm

  • 2mil x 24" x 200 feet  = $
  • 3mil x 24" x 200 feet  = $
  • 2mil x 24" x 500 feet  = $
  • 3mil x 24" x 500 feet  = $
  • 2mil x 24" x 1000 feet  = $
  • 3mil x 24" x 1000 feet  = $
  • 2mil x 36" x 200 feet  = $
  • 3mil x 36" x 200 feet  = $
  • 2mil x 36" x 500 feet  = $
  • 3mil x 36" x 500 feet  = $
  • 2mil x 36" x 1000 feet  = $
  • 3mil x 36" x 1000 feet  = $
  • 2mil x 48" x 500 feet  = $
  • 3mil x 48" x 500 feet  = $
Your Pricing to us:  Provide us pricing, per individual roll, FOB, CIF and DDP to Tampa / Riverview area, FLORIDA in the USA using zip code 33569.
Packaging:  We do not request a logo or any special printing on our boxes.  On each box, we do however require the words carpet protection film, with the thickness of the film and the size of the roll (example:  Carpet Protection Film, 3 Mil x 24" x 500 ft).  This can be done in black ink either printed on the box or on a heavy duty label.  Every roll needs to be individually boxed and each box needs to have a snug fit.  We do not want a lot of wiggle room inside the box as this causes the boxes to crush when stacked.  We have a product usage document that we would like to be included in each box.  If we provide you that document, can you please print and insert one copy into each box?

Box color:  We request WHITE boxes with black print.
Shipping / Freight:  Please specify in your quote how many rolls you can ship on one pallet or inside a 20' and 40' container.  If for example, we buy a full pallet of the 3mil x 24" x 500 foot roll of carpet protection film, how many rolls can you stack on one pallet?  Again, quote us your shipping price CIF and DDP to Tampa, FLORIDA... in the United States (USA).
Note 1:  We buy mostly CLEAR colored film, but do have a market for colors, such as red and blue.  Please let us know if you provide colors other than clear.
Note 2If you sell the applicators, please advise with your pricing.  We prefer adjustable applicators when possible.

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