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We are buying moving blankets and/or warehouse pads.  Please provide us complete details about your product line.  You can do so by answering the following questions.  If you have a product catalog with item descriptions, pictures and pricing, please e-mail that to us.

Shipping destination will be to the United States of America (USA), the state of FLORIDA, and to the city of Tampa.

Our #1 seller is a quality blanket that weighs 78 pounds per dozen or 6.5 pounds per blanket.  We also buy heavier blankets that weigh up to 85 pounds per dozen or 7 pounds per blanket.

  • Are you part of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)
  • What is the "cover" material made from
  • What material is used as a filler (synthetic fiber with regenerate resilient cotton)
  • What is your quilt pattern (checkered, zig-zag, etc...)
  • How much does each blanket weigh
  • How much does each dozen weigh
  • How is each blanket packaged
  • What is the color of the blanket (both sides)
  • What is your minimum order quantity
  • Lead time to produce and ship order
  • If you are able to sew in our logo
Comparable Blankets:

If you want to know what we buy, we recommend you take a look at the link below and review items B302, B303 and B304.  These are our top 3 selling blankets.  Please review -

Minimum Conditions:

The following conditions must be met for us to buy from you.
  • Blankets must have non-fading colors
  • Must be durable
  • 1" to 3" cloth binding on all 4 sides with 4 finished corners
  • Each blanket must be individually packaged in clear translucent bag
  • Blankets must be packaged in one dozen (12) count bundles using a weaved material or weaved bag
  • Dimensions:  72" x 80"
  • Must be CLEAN, dust and dirt free
  • Must be able to add "Manufactured and Distributed by Movers Warehouse, Inc." on inside label
Blanket Weights We Buy (all weights are average):
  • 4.41 lbs/pc, 2.00kg/pc / 53 pounds / 24.1 kgs per dozen
  • 5.07 lbs/pc, 2.30kg/pc / 61 pounds / 27.7 kgs per dozen
  • 5.73 lbs/pc, 2.60kg/pc / 69 pounds / 31.4 kgs per dozen
  • 6.39 lbs/pc, 2.90kg/pc / 77 pounds / 35.0 kgs per dozen (1st most popular blanket)
  • 6.61 lbs/pc, 3.00kg/pc / 80 pounds / 36.4 kgs per dozen (2nd most popular blanket
  • 7.17 lbs/pc, 3.25kg/pc / 87 pounds / 39.5 kgs per dozen (3rd most popular blanket)
Allowable Materials:
  • Filler: Synthetic fiber with regenerate resilient cotton
  • Non-Woven Fabric
  • Strong Non-Woven Fabic
  • Economical Polyester
  • Superior Polyester
  • High Grade Polyester
Besides the moving blankets, we also purchase protective blankets for refrigerators, chairs, sofa's, washers and dryers, dollies, and other equipment and home appliances.

If you are "NOT" the direct manufacturer of this product, please do not quote us as we verify all manufacturers before trading.

Send your best price and minimum order quantities to


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