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Dear Supplier,

We are volume buyers of shrink films.  To help ensure we are both talking about the same specifications and requirements, please review the following and please be very detailed in your responses.  This will save us both a lot of time going back and forth asking and answering questions.  If any requirement is not clear, please contact me.  Our contact information is provided below.

What We Are Buying Now - Detailed Requirements:
  • Item:  Shrink Film.
  • Size:  34" wide (68" center folded) x 1,000' long ( 863.6mm wide & folded x 304.8m long ).
  • Material:  30-40% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).  Density .89 and Hexane Extrusion.
  • Thickness:  .002 mil
  • Weight:  Raw material weight for this item should be approximately 25kg or 55lbs per roll.
  • Venting:  Non-vented.
  • Slippage: Medium Slip (Coefficient of Friction - COF).
  • Color:  Transparent clear / neutral.
  • Fold: Must be centerfolded.  68" (1727.2mm) wide film center folded to 34" (863.6mm) wide.
  • Wind: Must be B-wind.  Opening on the bottom right.   Fold on bottom left.  (see example images below)
  • Usage 1:  To wrap packing paper and other paper related products.
  • Usage 2:  Machine use.
  • Box Branding:  Brand box label with our logo and company information for reorder.  Our high quality logo is provided below.
  • Box Count:  1 roll per box.
  • Master Case Count:  Not applicable
  • Boxes per Pallet:  Up to 50 rolls.  No specific pallet size required.
  • Freight Method:  Sea
  • Order Size (Domestic):  1-3 pallets (initial test order), follow up with full truck load orders.
  • Order Size (Internationals):  First order, 2-4 pallets, followed by a 20' or 40' container if we are satisfied with the initial order service and quality.
  • Our Target Price FOB:  $1.75 US dollars per kg.  $43.75 per roll "or" match CIF price per roll.
  • Our Target Price CIF:  $54.00 per roll (or your BEST offer price) based on 100 rolls minimum for initial test order (2 pallets with 50 rolls on each pallet.  Order is 100 rolls).
  • CIF Port USA:  Tampa, FLORIDA (first choice) or Miami, FLORIDA (second choice).
Please Provide:
  • Most recent SGS certificate.
  • Most recent inspection certificate.
  • Your "best rock bottom price" per kg (FOB) and your minimum order quantity (MOQ).
  • Material Use:  Very important.   Do you use raw virgin materials or reclaimed materials?
  • The weight of any cores used and the size of the core.  We request a 3" / 76.2mm inner core.
  • High quality images of your item, especially images of the end / finished product.
  • Names of USA companies you supply (optional).  We will not contact them.  This is only to validate you.
  • Length of time it would take for you to complete our order.
  • YOUR loading port.

Send Samples:  If you wish to send samples, you can send to the business address below.  Samples do not have to be full rolls. 1/3 to 1/2 length rolls are fine.  We need at least 250' to apply and sample.  Sample rolls MUST be to our specification and we MUST be able to use your sample in order to properly test it.

Movers Warehouse, Inc
223 Flamingo Drive
Apollo Beach, FL,. 33572

Send Detailed Info To: / (Backup E-Mail)
Skype Me: Richard_Wyche

TradeManager: MoversWarehouse
Phone / WhatsApp:
  1-813-817-1221 (also voice / text)



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