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POLYPROPYLENE - 2.0 MIL and 3.0 MIL - CARPET PROTECTION FILM [ Standard and Zone Coated

Our film is a tough "water based" polyethylene film specifically designed for carpet protection from various types of soiling.  Custom formulated adhesive system offers excellent adhesion to most types of carpeting and can be kept in place for up to 45 days.  All rolls are reverse wound on easy to handle 2" cores for a simple one-person application.  Lay the roll down where you want to begin and roll it out like a carpet.
This is a self-adhering film that provides an effective and convenient way to protect and shield carpets from construction debris, tracked in dirt, paint spills, dust and other damages.  This is also a superior and cost-efficient item for the protection of carpeted stairs, saving you both time and money.  The 3 mil, super-tough polyethylene film resists puncturing and is coated with a specially formulated low-tack adhesive that keeps the protection in place, it's virtually maintenance-free.  Rolls are reverse wound for a quick and easy application.  When the job is done, simply peel it up, and peel up job site dirt and grime.  A special 32" width (not reverse wound) is designed specifically for carpeted stairs. A Carpet Protection Applicator is available for high volume commercial applications.
WHOLESALE PRICES ON ALL OUR PROTECTIVE FILMS / WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD:  Our carpet protection film is the "lowest priced film" in the State and maybe the Country and.... We Dare You to Compare!!!  All film is professional grade.

Buyer will receive the described product below.  Item DOES NOT come with Dispenser.  Dispensers are sold separately.

2.0 MIL .vs 3.0 MIL .vs Zone Coated:

Just about anyone for any application will benefit from the 2.0 mil film.  If you only plan on using the film for a few days and don't expect to have too much "heavy" traffic with a lot of soiling, then save your money and buy the 2.0 mil roll.  If you're unsure and want that added protection, then purchase the 3.0 mil thick film.
Zone Coated: This is a HUGE cost saving item.  Zone Coated means that the adhesive is spread out in zones or strips.  For example, you buy a 24" roll, the first 2 inches in the rolls width will have adhesive, then the next 2 inches will not.  This process continues for all 24 inches of the roll.  You will get an awesome product that uses less adhesion, but allows you to experience the same incredible hold on the carpet.  The best idea for those needing film in place for a few days to a week at a time.
Film Identity:  We identify our carpet protection films using two names.  Since most moving companies and home projects can benefit from our low cost 2 mil film, we label each size accordingly.  All 2 mil rolls are labeled Movers Film and all 3 mil rolls are labeled Carpet Protection Film.  Both are the exact same thing, just one is thicker than the other.
This Item Delivers:
  • A single roll of carpet protection film.
  • Your selected thickness, width and length.
  • Clear in color.
  • Prompt FedEx shipping following payment.
  • FREE tracking # provided immediately when item ships
  • We offer reasonable Freight Rates with R & L Carriers if you buy 400+ pounds in total weight.
  • If you are local or around the Hillsborough County Florida area, come pickup the package and save on shipping.
  • Perfect for MOVERS, Painters, Self Storage Retail or General Packing, Contractors, High Volume Traffic Lanes, Home Projects or General Carpet Protection Needs.
All Available Sizes - All Sizes Are Shipped as 1 Single Roll:
  • 24" x 200 feet
  • 24" x 500 feet (2mil on HUGE special)
  • 24" x 1000 feet
  • 36" x 200 feet
  • 36" x 500 feet
  • 36" x 1000 feet
  • 48" x 500 feet
All standard rolls have a 2 or 3 mil film with a premium adhesive.  The zone coated films are a 2 mil film.

Recommended For The Following Business Types:
  • Movers
  • Contractors
  • General retail establishments
  • Carpet protection during painting
  • Traffic lane protection
  • RV Owners and Dealers
  • Home project carpet protection 
  • Clean room facilities
Other Good Facts:
  • Max Protection Time - 45 Days (suggested)
  • Tack Level - High
  • Applications - Remodeling jobs, construction, model homes, moving companies, open houses, protection for inclement weather, parties, kennel club shows, RV steps, clean rooms and more.
This product is NOT branded... meaning our name is not on the product or the packaging. The inside of the inner core is blank and so is the outside box.  This is done intentionally to allow our wholesalers and distributors the ability to re-package the product with their own name.  Buy in volume and REALLY save!

Good to Know:
As a single source supplier, Movers Warehouse has the ability to furnish a wide range of pressure sensitive tape productsmoving and packing supplies, cleaning supplies and a number of industrial items, which has continually enhanced our value to our distributors.  We are proud of the progress we have made and pledge a continuation of our performance in this area.  Our steady growth is a testimony to the quality of our products, the caliber of our sales representatives, and adherence to a strong distributor policy.

Comparable Names:
Carpet protection film, carpet film, carpet shield (tm), sticky mat, floor mat, floor protection, carpet mask, carpet mask film, surface shield, carpet tape, and adhesive carpet film.

This item DOES NOT come with a dispenser.  Dispensers are sold separately.

Questions and Answers:

What is the shelf life of Carpet Protection?   

  • To obtain best performance, use Carpet Protection within six months from the date of receipt. This time period may be shortened if the product is improperly stored or handled. The product should be stored in a cool, dry environment and should not be subjected to excessive heat and/or moisture.   

What's the difference between reverse wound and regular wound?   

  • Reverse wound is where the sticky/adhesive side is on the outside of the roll so that when you unroll the product, it comes off the roll adhesive side down. Regular wound is where the sticky/adhesive side of the film faces in for ease of handling on carpeted stairs. (Only the CP-STAIR is regular wound.)    

Why can't you put Carpet Protection on natural fiber (wool) carpet?   

  • Due to the differences in natural fibers (levels of oils, enzymes, etc.) we can't guarantee how the adhesive will react. Some Berbers contain natural fibers.    

Does Protective Products have a product that can be used on both carpet and flooring?   

  • All of our products are designed and manufactured for specific surfaces. Therefore, they are not interchangeable.    

How long can Carpet Protection be left on the carpet?   

  • Carpet Protection may be left on up to a maximum of 45 days but should be monitored in accordance with the product instructions.    

What is the mil thickness of the Carpet Protection?   

  • The finished thickness of Carpet Protection is 3 mils.    

Can I put Carpet Protection on concrete? On wood sub floor?   

  • No. Carpet Protection is intended for use only on domestic synthetic carpeting. Also, we do not recommend using any adhesive based products on wood. Dura Runner Plus can be used on both concrete and hardwood and other hard surfaces.    

Will Carpet Protection leave adhesive on the carpet?   

  • Used as directed, Carpet Protection will protect your carpets from dirt, grime and other damage, and remove, residue free.    

If the adhesive transfers onto carpet, what do I use to clean it?    

  • In the unlikely event that transfer does occur adhesive can be removed using a steam extraction method.    

If the adhesive transfers onto other surfaces, what do I use to clean it?    

  • Carpet Protection should only be used on synthetic carpeting. Application to other surfaces may cause damage. If you apply Carpet Protection to a surface other than synthetic carpeting and adhesive transfer does occur, remove the adhesive in accordance with the surface manufacturers instructions. Citrus based cleaners are usually effective if approved for use by the surface manufacturer.    

In a carpeted basement, will I need a dehumidifier? Is it too moist?   

  • Carpet Protection should never be used where the conditions and/or substrate may be damp or subject to moisture accumulation.    

Do you need an applicator to apply Carpet Protection?   

  • An applicator is not necessary to apply Carpet Protection and, in fact, is much easier to apply in most residential applications without one.  However, in large commercial spaces an applicator will easily pay for itself many times over.

Can Carpet Protection be reused?   

  • No, Carpet Protection is not reusable.    

Can you use Carpet Protection on any other surface?   

  • No. Carpet Protection is intended for use only on domestic synthetic carpeting.    

Can I use all roll sizes on the Carpet Protection Applicator?   

  • Both Applicators can accommodate any length roll. The sizes (24" and 36") however, are not interchangeable.    

Does the Carpet Protection Applicator have an automatic cutter?   

  • No. For durability, safety, and to keep the cost reasonable we elected not to incorporate a cutter into our Applicators.    

Can I use the Carpet Protection Applicator on tile?   

  • Due to the all steel construction of the Applicator, we do not recommend that it be used on surfaces other than carpeted floors.

How long is the Applicators handle?   

  • Approximately 40"   

Is the Applicator awkward to use?   

  • No.  As with any tool, proper instructions need to be followed and a short period of time may be required to get used to the function of the Applicator.    

How close does the Applicator get to the wall?   

  • You can apply Carpet Protection as close as 2-3 inches from the wall using an Applicator.   




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