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Movers Warehouse Account Types:
Mover Accounts:
Mover accounts are companies that move people from homes or offices.  Moving companies come in and pack your belongings for transport to another location.

75% of all the movers out there will buy plain boxes and the rest will buy imaged boxes that represent their agent (see below).  Your smaller companies pay a little more for their material because they buy so little and not as often as the big boys.

Most of the medium to larger movers operate as an agent under the names of Allied, Atlas, Bekins, Global, Mayflower, National, North American, Paul Arpin, Stevens, and United.  Movers that carry an agents name are established and likely to stick around.  The smaller companies come and go all the time.  It's the smaller guys you want to target because you'll get a higher profit margin on your sale.

Movers that use an agents name will normally buy boxes with their agent name on the box.  We are not setup for that yet, so only plain boxes can be offered at this time.  A lot of these agents still buy PLAIN boxes, so yes, they can be targets as well.

MWI is not the lowest price out there on moving boxes, but we can sure be competitive on the ancillary items.  In fact, I know we can't be touched.  The moving boxes carry the lowest margins out of all our products, so we can care a less if you sell boxes to movers.  Where you will win with a mover is selling newsprint, tape, stretch film, strapping, carpet shield, paper pads, and dollies.  No company will come close to our selling price for these items.

The competition has gotten so bad with the movers that the large distributors of moving boxes are servicing these customers for nothing.  Let them have the box business.  You'll make plenty of money selling the other items.

Movers buy the small, medium, large, x-large moving boxes, the 5.2 dish packs, 18" and 24" wardrobes with bars, 3-ply paper pads, newsprint, carton sealing tape, warehouse pads, movers pads, corrugated rolls, furniture pads, dollies, mattress boxes, crib boxes, lamp boxes, microwave boxes, tv boxes, electronics boxes, mirror cartons, legal totes, single face corrugated rolls, mattress bags by the roll, small bubble wrap, file boxes, hamper boxes, cell kits and small to large rubber bands.

The standard tape for a mover is the 2" x 55 yard in either clear or tan and in the 1.8 to 2.0 mil in thickness.  Some do prefer the 2" x 110 yards on a roll.  Very few buy the 3" roll. 
Mover accounts have the lowest profit margins out of anyone we service.

Self-Storage, Truck Rental and General Retail Establishments:

A self-storage account offers you the next level of a profit margin.  Much of what you sell to a mover is also purchased by a self-storage facility.  Self-Storage accounts are businesses that offer storage for your personal items and these accounts always pay more than a mover.  90% of all self storage accounts sell packing supplies.  Some do not because they are too small and don't have adequate space in the office to display material.  Self-Storage accounts are great to have because you can get a little bit more return on your money.

A big seller for self-storage is the cubed box.  A cubed box is a box that has the same dimensions all around.  An example of a cubed box would be a 10 x 10 x 10 or an 18 x 18 x 18.  These type boxes are huge sellers for self-storage.  They do buy the mover boxes

What you want to sell to a self-storage account are the same items you would sell to a mover, but they will not buy the large boxes, such as the mattress boxes, crib boxes and the commercial bins.  Self-Storage accounts do buy the wardrobes and wardrobe bars.

What they will buy include retail mattress bags for all mattress sizes, nylon rope, 10# newsprint (boxed), utility knives, black markers, tape, tape guns, poly covers to cover their stock of property in storage, furniture covers, leather gloves, bubble wrap, peanuts, CUBED BOXES, blankets, cell kits, dish saver kits, glass saver kits, small rolls of stretch film and locks.

Self-Storage accounts are great to have.  They don't buy in high volume, but they buy and you can count on them to buy over and over and over.  Grab all of these type accounts as you can.  The accounts are typically on COD terms, which we like.

Truck rental accounts are those that rent trucks and trailers and these companies are typically agents that rent Budget, U-Haul and Penske trucks and trailers.

Some dealers have just the rentals and sell off of some corner lot and many have another business and also rent from their property.  More and more self-storage facilities are becoming agents and are now renting vehicles.

Truck rental accounts are BIG business.  They don't buy in large volumes and they don't buy every week like a mover will, but you get a higher amount on the items you sell.

If you sell to truck rentals, sell to Budget first as we already have accounts setup for them.

The large U-Haul dealers, meaning the ones with large storage units and a lot of trucks are under contract with a National distributor, so it's not likely that you'll get any business from them.  Only go after the small agents that rent trucks and sell packing supplies.  They will buy from you.

We do have some business with U-Haul, but not the big stores.  If you go after a u-haul account, go after the mom and pop places that just rent vehicles off their property.

An industrial account is any account that manufacturers a product or is in distribution of a product.  Industrial accounts will buy boxes, tape, stretch wrap, pallet strapping and pallet covers.

Boxes - Boxes purchased by an industrial account are typically one size or a variety of sizes specific to an item they are packaging.  An industrial account can use any number of boxes and may require variations of their boxes on size, color, thickness and how it folds.  Industrial accounts are good to land because they have the potential to purchase hundreds to thousands of boxes over a years time.

What information is needed when quoting a box -  When you quote a box for an industrial account, make sure you get the following information from the buyers.
  • usages - How many they plan on buying
  • "inside measurements" of the box.  Measurements are Length x Width x Depth ( L x W x D )
  • the length is always the LONGEST side of the box
  • in some cases, the L x W will be the same
  • does the buyer want Kraft or white color
  • does the buyer want their box imaged
  • does the buyer have a plate if imaging is requested
  • request the grade of the box, such as a 32, 44 or 48 Edge Crush Test (ECT)
  • some buyers may want a 200 lb box.  This is equivalent to a 32 ECT box
  •  will the customer take all the boxes at once or will they require us to inventory their boxes.  This is called Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory.
The customer orders the product and MWI stocks the product for them and delivers the product as requested.  We don't want this when possible.  We want the customer to take possession of their entire order when it's made.  MWI will charge more for their boxes if we have to stock their boxes.

Tape - Industrial accounts have to tape these boxes, so we can go in and offer them pricing on their tape based on the quantity of tape they buy.  Tape is a great seller to any industrial account.

Industrial accounts are the easiest to maintain and possibly the most profitable.  When you land an industrial account and they buy boxes from you, you're selling 1000 or more at a time.  All you have to do is get the dimensions and all the specs for their box, MWI will have them made and delivered.  It's that simple!
MWI Responsibilities to the Reseller:
MWI will do everything possible to support you as a reseller and will provide you with as many tools as possible to make you productive and successful.
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