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As part of your qualifying process with new customers, learn all you can about their current inventory?  They may buy things that we sell and have no idea that we offer that item.  They may also buy things that are in line with our business that we can bring in for them.

Movers Warehouse, Inc., (MWI) has a great relationship with a number of manufacturing companies and distributors that allows us to buy just about anything you can imagine.  If you find a customer that buys a lot of this and that, let Richard and your chain-of-command know what you need and we'll look into stocking that item for your customer as long as there is a commitment from them to buy it.

The #1 thing to remember here is that not all items are created equal.  Tape comes in various thicknesses, packing paper comes in various sizes, tape dispensers are made of economy to high end materials, a natural rubber adhesive is more expensive than a hot melt or acrylic adhesive, so when you, for example, offer tape and you say your tape is $0.70 a roll and they are paying $0.60 per roll, there has to be a reason why.  Make it your responsibility to find out why and what the difference in the item is.

It is VERY important that you compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges.  When you qualify a customer for pricing and collect their inventory information, make sure you get as much information as possible about their product line, so that you are both speaking about the same product.

The moving and storage industry is full of BS'ers who will lie right to your face about their pricing.  This is why its so important to know the market and know what your competitors are selling as well as their pricing.

One of the greatest things you can do for both your customers and (MWI), is to increase inventory.  We would love to bring in new items because if your customer will buy it, so will someone else.

Information to Find Out: (when applicable)
  • Complete item name
  • Colors
  • Size (width, length, depth)
  • Thicknesses
  • Ready to use (RTU) or concentrated (for cleaning supplies)
  • Weights (net and gross)
  • Packaging / bundling needs
  • Customers buying price
  • Customers buying volume
Up Selling:

Often customers don't even know what they buy or remember what they need when they do buy, so it' up to you to up-sell them by reminding them of other products that they have purchased in the past, or based on what you know, they may need, so ask them about other inventory items.  Most of the time one or more items you mention will get added to your order.

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