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Do you know your customer?
A good account executive will know everything they can about what their customer(s) buys.  You need to own that responsibility and find out if you can't tell a supervisor what your customers buy.  Aside from our normal inventory, maybe you can help them with janitorial supplies, ink and toner cartridges for their office or anything else in line with what we sell.  Use your imagination and become a full service supplier to your buyer.
  • Do you know "everything" that your customer buys?
  • You will be amazed at what your customers buy that you have no knowledge of, so ASK THEM.  Ask that they tell you everything they buy to run their business.
  • If they buy products that our in our line of distribution, we will bring it in and stock it for them as long as they agree to our pricing up front and if they sign a warehouse agreement stating they will buy anything we bring in for them as long as we have their inventory on the floor.
  • You won't know everything until you ask.  Don't just focus on what we have in our price list, dig a little deeper and see if you can pick up a few more product lines.
  • When you get this information, make sure you get exact specifications about the item, so that we are talking apples and apples.
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