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E-Mail Etiquette
Many of your customers will use e-mail to generate an order, this is especially true after you have a trade going and prices are established.  Please follow the guidelines below when using your e-mail and contacting your buyers.
  • Your MWI e-mail account is provided to you as a service for you to communicate with your customers and other staff members.  The use of your MWI e-mail account is strictly limited to MWI business.  If you want to receive daily horoscopes or anything that is not related to MWI, make sure that content is going to your personal account.  Violation can result in termination and unnecessary spam on our servers.
  • Use your MWI e-mail account when communicating with your customers.  Use your own personal e-mail for non-MWI content.
  • Anytime you receive an order via e-mail, SAVE that e-mail as verification, or as a purchase order, just in case the buyer later claims he/she didn't order anything or ordered something else other than what they received.  This is your proof of what was ordered.
  • Customers expect quick replies, so if you can, download your mail to your personal computer via Outlook or a mail program of your choice, use the online service we provide you or even have your mail downloaded to your phone.  If you receive an e-mail with a question or a possible order and you don't acknowledge it, that means we are not giving the customer the right attention.  Remember this fact... if you're not taking care of your customers, SOMEONE ELSE WILL.
  • When you receive an e-mail, ANSWER IT RIGHT AWAY.  Even if you don't have an answer or a solution or a price, don't let that e-mail sit in your inbox without some attention.  Make sure you reply even if to acknowledge receipt and that you are addressing their e-mail at this time and will get back with them.  If you do that, make sure you get back with them in the time frame you committed to.
  • Keep your e-mails professional.  No... hi handsome, hey sweetie or things like that.  If you really connect with someone, than do what helps land the deal, but try to remain professional.
  • * IMPORTANT * - If you want to send out an e-mail blast, which means you want to send something to MULTIPLE recipients... NEVER use the TO: line.  No one wants their e-mail address spread out over the Internet.  ALWAYS use the BCC: field.  The BCC field means Blind Courtesy Copy.  When you do this and you have for example 50 recipients, they will each get a copy as if it was just from you to them.
  • If you choose to use Outlook or if you choose to use our Internet link, make sure you keep accurate records of your contacts.
  • Setup groups in your e-mail, so that when you send out an e-mail blast, you can send information on sales to the right people.  A moving company is not interested in packing peanuts, so a group for eBay sellers or mom and pop packing companies would be best.


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