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Recruiting for account executives or for managers is everyone's responsibility. We should all want the best people in our inner circle that can represent MWI and it's vision in the best possible way. The better the people we put in place, the further this company will go. The more we grow, the more potential and $$$ the staff can receive. That doesn't mean you need to go around "actively" looking for people, but should you find a good candidate, don't let that opportunity slip away. The better we recruit, the better the personnel we have, which means we're a better business, that we service a number of great accounts and

When you recruit or just happen to trip over someone that is looking for a part time job, there has to be certain parameters for that person to fit in. Just because this person is your friend or a friend of a friend, doesn't make that person a good fit for Movers Warehouse.

Key Things to Look For:
  • Candidate CANNOT have another job (non-negotiable)
  • Must be able to offer at least 15 dedicated hours a week
  • Must "own" and be proficient on the computer
  • Must be able to work with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Must have good verbal and written skills
  • Must have a cell phone or have access to a phone during the day
  • Must agree to work solely on commissions (salary is 20% on every NET dollar earned)
  • Must be organized and be able to maintain own filing system for their customers
  • Must be able to get in front of people and possess the people and verbal skills to build new business
Remember... YOU are already doing this job and you know first hand what it takes to make this work, so if the person you consider does not possess the criteria above, he/she just isn't a good fit for this company.

If you would like to consider someone for a position with Movers Warehouse (at any level), send the person's name and contact information to Richard, our company President ( for screening. Please include name, e-mail address and phone number when submitting a candidate.

As the President of Movers Warehouse, my commitment is to pay any member of our team $100.00 for any person he/she recruits, but only when that person remains with the company beyond 90 days.

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