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Welcome Movers, Self-Storage Facilities and/or Truck Rental Establishments
Movers, Self-Storage Facilities and Truck Rental establishments, such as U-Haul, Budget and Penske, make up a large portion of MWI's business, so we do our best to protect, build and continue these relationships.
Create an Account:
It is recommend that all customers have an online account.  Registration is simple and quick.
For speed and accuracy, we ask that you have an account and create you orders online.  This let's you know what you ordered, provides you a record and allows you to maintain a complete history on our site for everything you order.  All you have to do is place your order and we'll take care of the rest.
  • When you do order online, the only rule we have is that you order in case or unit volume.  If for example you want small, medium or large moving boxes, please order them in the quantities that the bundles come in, such as 10, 15 or 25.  We will not break bundles for our non-retail customers.
  • If you order for example 60 small 1.5 book boxes, and this box comes in bundles of 25, we will ADD the appropriate number of boxes to bring this total to 75.  We will never reduce the amount and limit your order.
We offer pricing for these groups because the business is continued and because we want you to know what your prices will be at any time you want to place on order.
You can process your payment online or select a COD option, which means you'll have payment
Tax Exempt:
If you are tax exempt, we can apply that to your account.  Fax over a current tax exemption form to 813.672.6530
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