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Packaging tapes come in many different forms and trying to ascertain the correct tape for the job can be a frustrating & complex process.  From experience, the majority of people tend to find a suitable solution only after a sometimes painful and potentially expensive learning curve after the material has failed to achieve its intended role.  This trial & error method is unnecessary, providing people are made aware of a few basic rules governing the properties & performance of the tape.

Acrylic Tapes are perfect for sealing smaller, lightweight packages. This type of tape won't yellow with age, so it blends in well with your packaging, but it does take time to cure (usually 24-48 hours) and achieve the best bond.

Hot Melt Tapes provide excellent (and instant) holding power so it's the perfect choice for heavier, overstuffed packages and corrugated cartons. It will yellow with age, but not as much as natural rubber tape.

Natural Rubber Tapes have the advantage of working well in extreme weather conditions (anywhere from 0- 150 degrees) and won't be affected by humidity or dampness.  Like hot melt tape, it provides an instant bond, but it will yellow with age and become darker in color than other pressure sensitive tapes.

In order to achieve the tape manufacturers intended performance, the tape must be applied with some form of applicator or dispenser. Although it seems obvious, it is amazing that most people do not seem to be aware that this is one of the most common reasons that tapes fail to perform.

For most adhesive tapes, the adhesive is also time sensitive and needs to be given a chance to bond with the opposing surface.  Another major factor involved in the tapes performance is the material that the tape is to be applied to.  For best results again, the surface must be clean, dry, and free of oil, grease, dirt, dust, fibers, or any other loose material.

Whether you’re sealing cartons or securing pallets, our comprehensive line of pressure sensitive tapes in different strengths, adhesive bases, and grades ensure a solution, which will meet your individual application even in the most demanding environment.

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