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Welcome Reseller:

You are reading this page because you have considered becoming a Movers Warehouse, Inc., (MWI) Reseller.

We thank you for considering this position. This page is your BIBLE and will tell you everything you need to know to become an active and effective reseller for MWI. We update this page as needed, so be sure to revisit this page at least 4 times a year. As you read through the contents of this page, make notes. If something isn't clear or you want more details, make a note of it and contact for more guidance.

If you need immediate assistance, call 813.817.1221. You have a support team that's behind you 100%. Although this job is part time, it needs a full time effort when you first start. Once you have a few accounts under your belt and you begin to receive regular orders, you can spend less time on getting new accounts by dealing with the accounts you already have.

If at any time you have questions, comments or concerns, please call Richard at 813-817-1221. You can call any time between 8am and 10pm - 7 days a week.  WHEN EVER IN DOUBT... CALL!!!

Do you qualify to become a Reseller??

Becoming a commission based reseller is a very serious matter and a job that should be handled with great care and pride.  Before you can become a reseller, there are minimum requirements you must meet.  These requirements are essential and must be met without exception.

The moving and packaging supplies you'll be selling will sell themselves because you'll be marketing to customers that use these materials each and every day, so once you have a few accounts going, you'll begin to receive a steady income.  Everyone needs moving or packing supplies at some point... even the home based people.

As with any sales job, you get what you put into it. This opportunity can be extremely profitable with just a few hours a day. Once all the hard work is done landing new customers, you can spend your time babysitting those accounts to keep them active and earn a great commission.   This will free up more time to build on your existing accounts.

All sellers must meet the following requirements.

  1. You cannot have another day job.
  2. You agree to spend at least 3-4 hours a day, Monday through Friday contacting customers and making money.  This is not a job that you work a day or two each week.  Each day must be utilized for maximum results.  Not all 5 days are required, but if you make yourself available by e-mail and phone to your customers and can contact 15+ customers each day, you'll do just fine.
  3. You must have a quiet environment to work in, meaning no kids screaming in the background.  Having kids or barking dogs in the background is very unprofessional while dealing with customers over the phone.
  4. You must have a fax machine.  Can be a stand alone or part of a printer/scanner/fax or via a computer fax modem
  5. You must be available during the day to answer your phone.
  6. You must be available during the day to answer e-mails.  E-mail MUST be checked regularly.
  7. You must have a computer in your home with Internet access.
  8. Must have good verbal and written skills.
  9. Must be organized and able to follow through with leads or sales.
  10. Must be able to accept the word NO and continue on.  Some will decline, but many will accept your offers.
  11. You must have a copy of Microsoft Office or be able to download Excel, Word and PowerPoint viewers.  Viewer software is free.  We send everything to our resellers in either one of these formats.
  12. Communicate as often as possible with MWI staff to educate yourself.  If you're given a territory and we don't hear from you asking questions, then you're not attempting to make sales.  If a week goes by after receiving your territory and you're not calling or replying to your e-mails, that will be a sure ticket out of the program.
  13. Must be able to work independently.
  14. Knowledge in the moving and storage business a plus.
  15. 1+ years of general work experience.
  16. 1+ years previous sales experience preferred.
  17. Ability to handle multiple customer accounts.
  18. Strong attention to detail and follow-up skills.
  19. Excellent planning and organization skills.
  20. Proficient computer application skills.
  21. Valid driver's license.

These are not tough requirements, but are necessary for you to effectively do your job.  If you don't have the tools necessary to give your best service you're going to struggle, which means the company also struggles.  We want our resellers to be as independent as possible.  MWI will help you anytime you need it and will give you 150% of support, but you have to apply yourself.  We are not staffed to have someone sending out faxes to your customers, which is why it's so important for you to own one.  We can on occasion, but we don't want that to be a full time roll for us.


Answers To Common Questions:
  1. YES, we will provide you with initial sales leads and current "buying" customers
  2. YES, you will have to bring in new business, by proving your OWN new leads
  3. YES, you will have a quota each month 
  4. YES, you can sell at your own price if the deal is profitable for YOU and MWI
  5. YES, you can create your own price sheets, fax cover sheets and other administrative documents
  6. You will receive payment on commissions earned after the 1st of each month  As you build your customer base and begin earning the big money, we'll pay you ever two weeks.

If you can support the above requirements, we'd love to talk further with you.  If not, then this job is not right for you and we wish you the best of luck.


What Started Movers Warehouse?

Movers Warehouse, Inc., (MWI) is not a Fortune 500 company, but does very well with the support of it's sales team.  We don't have a fleet of 53' trucks and we don't have 100,000 square feet warehouse spaces.  What we do have is a commitment to service our customers and we'll do whatever it takes to support them.

As a sales rep for MWI, you are backed by a company President with a no fail attitude, so as long as you do your part to maintain current customers and bring in new accounts, MWI give you 150% in return.


What We Sell:

What is well primarily is moving and packing supplies, which makes up 90% of our business.  We do however sell industrial items such as duct tape, electrical tape, painters tape, carpet protection film and window film.  We carry tape for any industry or situation.

We will consider any product if the market is there and you get a commitment from a buyer to purchase the items.

Every item we carry or are about to carry will be posted on the site.  Just look for our alphabetical directory.  Every item has it's own category that include the item name, description, how it's bundled and supporting imaged where applicable.  If you want to review a product, look for that product by name in the categories.

Items most sold are moving boxes, moving kits, anti-static loose fill packing peanuts, bubble wrap, bubble mailers, corrugated rolls, Kraft paper rolls, mattress bags, newsprint, nylon rope, stretch film or pallet wrap, shredded paper, and tape for any industry.


Chain of Command:

All sales team members report to their Regional Vice President (RVP).  Should you have any questions or need some guidance, contact your RVP. If you can't get a hold of your RVP, contact Richard.

MWI President - Richard Wyche

Florida's Regional Vice President (RVP) - Open Position



MWI Hot Deals:


Hot deals are individual items or a combination of products that MWI puts out every week to either try and move a slow selling item, to sell an item that's really moving and we want to keep it moving or to entice a new buyer into starting out with a great hot deal.

We sometimes apply conditions to our hot deals, so make sure if conditions apply that your buyer is meeting those conditions before accepting the sale.

It's very important that you check this page every Monday.  Hot deals are good from Monday through Saturday of the posted week.

Hot deals are posted every Sunday.


MWI's Commitment to the Reseller:
  1. We will do whatever it takes to educate you on our product line.
  2. A support team that's behind you 100%, 24 hours a day.
  3. A company e-mail address.
  4. MWI will provide you with a full customer contact list with customers already in your area.
  5. MWI will inform you anytime there is a price change.
  6. MWI will inform you when inventory is out of stock and on back order.
  7. MWI will provide you with costs on every item we sell.  You can negotiate from there.
  8. MWI will inform you on all weekly and monthly specials.
  9. MWI will service your customer with 110% of due diligence and care.
  10. MWI will provide you with periodic advertising tools.
  11. MWI will protect the sellers territory.
  12. and much much more...

MWI's reseller program can be a very lucrative business.  It's a part time, sell at your own pace job, but it does pay well with little effort.  Once you land a few accounts, the sales will become residual as these accounts will buy from you each week.

Below you'll find some duties and responsibilities on what is expected from you as a reseller for MWI.  If you have questions, shoot us an e-mail to

There are no set territories, but we do limit resellers in particular areas.  For example, we will not allow 3 or more sellers selling in Clearwater and St. Petersburg.  We want you to succeed and we want you to make money, so we allow a large spread of territories for all resellers.


MWI Resellers:

  1. MWI reveals actual cost for all inventory items to the reseller (after 6 months of activity).  During your 6 month probation period, we want you to sell at the listed pricing in our commercial and residential price sheets.  If you have to sell below that, contact Richard for pricing approval.
  2. Reseller works on commissions only and are paid 10% of the gross profit (GP) of all sales.  Higher commissions are possible with higher monthly average sales volumes.
  3. Payments are made at the beginning of each month, which is payment for sales of the previous month.  If you're doing well, such as $25,000 a month in gross sales, we will pay you every two weeks or every week.
  4. Resellers are expected to be honest with their customers 100% of the time.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Resellers are expected to sell for max profit, but WILL sell competitively with fairness and integrity.
  6. Will receive an e-mail address ( and represents MWI.
  7. Resellers can opt-out of the reseller program at any time.
  8. Is protected and backed under a Corporate Company.
  9. Reseller is required to have a home phone or a cell phone for contact by customers and MWI staff.
  10. It is highly recommended that you have a fax machine to fax out price sheets and monthly specials.
  11. All incoming faxes will come to my office at 813.672.6530.
  12. Reseller will check their MWI mail at least once daily.  Preferably multiple times throughout the day.
  13. Resellers are encouraged to e-mail or call Richard at least once every few days just to check in.
  14. Reseller will receive MWI's actual shipping rates.
  15. Reseller will be responsible for their own marketing campaign, but MWI will regularly provide flyers, brochures and other advertising materials.
  16. Make sure you are 100% aware of our weekly and monthly Hot Deals.
  17. Resellers are expected to be proactive and contact regular buyers each week to make another sale.
  18. Stay within your territory boundaries.  We can't have two or more sales rep going after the same account.
  19. Resellers should dedicate 3 to 4 hours a day for cold calling and to maintain contact with current customers.
  20. Reseller is subject to a monthly bonus based on volume of sales.
  21. Reseller is considered a contracted employee and is paid as a 1099 contractor. 
  22. Resellers are evaluated at 6 month intervals.  If you aren't producing new accounts or the management feels you are just riding on a few accounts and not making progress, you'll be released from the program.  As long as you're maintaining a consistent volume that helps build the company, you will always have an income.
  23. Reseller is not required to visit with the customer, but it is highly recommend for those that buy often.  You can make all your sales by phone right out of your living room.
  24. MWI will take care of the shipping for all orders.  All you need to do is get the sales.
  25. Reseller can sell anywhere in the United States and is NOT limited to just their living area.  NOT ALL ITEMS, SUCH AS THE KIT BOXES ARE POSTAL MAIL WORTHY.

How Can You Find New Accounts:
Finding accounts to sell to can't be easier when you have Internet access or local phone books and newspapers at your disposal.

Below are some ways to find businesses. Here you can type in a key word, city and/or state to narrow down your location and find any type business you want.  98% of all listings will supply you with a phone number.  Call these prospects and ask for a fax number or e-mail address.  Always get an e-mail address when possible as this is the fastest way to communicate with your customers.

www.YellowPages.comor the Yellow Pages book.  Businesses in the Yellow Pages are typically established companies.

- www.Google.comcan also provide you with local information.


Make sure you know the rules!!!

  1. Before you get on the phone or begin your e-mail or fax campaign, EDUCATE yourself with the products you're selling.  You can call Richard or even another sales rep to get product information.
  2. Keep surrounding noises down!  You want a clear and quiet environment around you when talking to your customers.  If you have children behind you yelling to get your attention, or have dogs behind you barking, that will leave a negative impression on MWI.
  3. Network with other sales reps.  Exchange e-mails, thoughts, ideas and selling tips.  If you have a system that works for you, forward that on to another seller.  The more profitable we make all the sales reps, the stronger the company will be.
  4. SATURATE ZIP CODES... ONE ZIP CODE AT A TIME.  Don't call a handful of people in Naples one day and then another handful of people in Clearwater the next day.  This makes it very hard for us to manage deliveries.  The idea is to build territories as close to MWI (zip code 33569) as possible.  Get as much business as you possible can before you move to another zip code.  Once you start selling to another zip code, stay with it until you've maxed out your opportunities and then move on to another zip code.  You can always go back and revisit a zip code.
  5. Build relationships for continued business - Don't approach buyers as a SALES PERSON.  You want to get the business, grow the business and keep the business, so get to know them on a person level if possible.  Ask how the family is doing, how little john is doing in first grade and so on.  If you can reach your buyers on a personal level, you will win.
  6. 100% of your pay is based on a commission scale of up to 12%.
  7. All account executives start at 8% and is paid that percentage on all gross sales for the month.
  8. When you're on commissions, you want to make money, so sell for max profit, but sell fair and with integrity.  If you can get more for an item then what is asked of from MWI, then sell at that price.  Just don't take advantage of buyers.
  9. Keep a master file of all customers that include full shipping address, contact name, phone, fax, and e-mail.
  10. Microsoft Outlook can be your friend.  Use it for your mail, contacts, notes, appointments and so on.
  11. Calling your customers at least once a week is ideal, but twice a month is good.  You can judge this as the buyer buys product.  You'll know who buys often and who doesn't.  Weekly would be a good approach to start with.
  12. Build your territories as close to Riverview as possible and work your way out.
  13. If you want to build by zip codes, that can work too.  Saturate a complete zip code before moving on to another.
  14. Your target audiences should be movers, self-storage facilities, budget and u-haul truck rental shops, contractors and industrial type businesses.
  15. At no time can you sell an order that has a blended percentage profit of less than 20% before taxes and shipping charges.
  16. Whenever in doubt of a product or solution, call Richard immediately at 813.817.1221. You can never call too much, so call and allow Richard to help you.
  17. Buy yourself some businesses cards. They are VERY inexpensive.  You can get 1000 for $12.00 at Staples.
  18. Sell $10,000 a month and receive a sellers bonus. Bonus payable for each $10,000 month.
  19. Do not give the farm away just to make a sale.  Maintain your profit margins.
  20. You should personally visit large and regular buying customers at least once a month.  Face time is good once in a while.
  21. Not all customers will share the same pricing, so have customer pricing handy at all times.
  22. NEVER NEVER NEVER reveal a source or direct a buyer to a competitor.  If you are ever asked where else the customer can go to buy our products, tell them you don't know.
  23. Knowing your market is critical - If you don't know who your competitors are, you'll never make it.  Know the competitors in your area - Know their selling prices.
  24. Qualify your customers - When you qualify them, you're finding out what you need to know about the company to properly quote them a selling price.  Identify their usages before offering prices.  Larger customers deserve a discount, but small companies are used to paying a little bit more.  You may offer a price that's far lower than what the customer might ask for, so don't reveal too much too early.
  25. You can give out our standing pricing, but you should always ask where a customer needs to be for them to buy from you.  Don't just hand out price sheets like candy if you know what I mean.  You could be losing money.
  26. Always ask for a target price.  Ask "where do I need to be to earn your business"?  You will often find that the customers target price is higher than what you would have offered.
  27. Target area by ZIP code.  This drastically helps build the company and keeps the delivery in a concentrated area.  The last thing you want to do is have one account in Naples and another in Jacksonville.  Pick a zip code closest to 33569 and work your way outside of that.  Make sure you contact every possible location in the zip code you're working in before heading out to service another.
  28. Sources for finding these companies are and  You can also find sources on the Yahoo and Google.
  29. When using to search for business, all you need is a key word, such as mover or self storage and a city or zip code.  Then narrow your search to local places only.  You can tell SuperPages to only show businesses in that city.  This allows you to get a list of companies with a physical address in that zip code, not others that have businesses somewhere else but service that area.
  30. Maintain your integrity 100% of the time.  Your customer may not always be 100% with you.
  31. The moving and storage business is NOT an honest business.  Movers will generally lie to you about pricing.  Not all of them, but most of them.  If you feel the buyers target price is well below what you're selling or what seems right, he/she is probably lying.  You will have MWI's cost pricing and will know exactly what that item costs.
  32. These companies will lie to get you to sell them something for nothing or to get rid of you.  KNOW YOUR COMPETITION.  KNOW WHO'S SELLING THE SAME ITEMS YOU SELL AND GET PRICE SHEETS WHEN YOU CAN.  KNOW WHAT YOUR COMPETITORS ARE SELLING AND AT WHAT PRICE.
  33. If you think the buyer is asking for pricing much lower than the norm, ask for an invoice showing what they pay.  Tell them that you want to beat their price, but need something to turn into your general manager (GM) as proof.  If I was being honest with you, I would hand that information over immediately.  If I were dishonest and wanted to lie to you, I would not provide that information.  The honest people will share pricing with you.
  34. Always ask your buyer what their usages are.  This means how much dollar amount of product they buy over a years time.  Again, some will lie to get a really cheap price.  They will tell you they do $100,000 a year just so you give them $100,000 a year pricing and then you'll be lucky to get $15,000 from them in a year.  It's a tactic many will use to squeeze you for what they can.  If for example you're selling tape at $22.500 a case and the customer is buying one case a month and claims to pay $15.00, you know they are lying.  Always ask for a target price before disclosing prices.
  35. If you want to market the kit boxes, this is a great seller that you can sell to hundreds of Realtors.  Each time a realtor sells a home, the realtor can offer a kit option to the seller.  You know the seller is going to need some level of boxes.  Even if the seller is being moved by a moving company, you can be assured the home owner will need boxes and packaging material of some kind.  Look up Realtors online.  When you find the millions of realtor web sites, click on the contact us page, and forward the kit box flier to them.  Just about all Realtors have a web page somewhere with their e-mail address.  Use these tools to get your material out.  Offer the realtor a 5% kick for buying them from you.  We'll pay the 5%.  It will not come out of your commissions.

  1. You are on commissions, so sell for max profit, but sell fair and with integrity.
  2. All checks or money orders will be made payable to Movers Warehouse, Inc.
  3. All orders are COD unless otherwise authorized.
  4. If a buyer wishes to pay with PayPal - payment e-mail address is
  5. When you collect credit card data, be sure to obtain card holders full name (as it appears on card), full BILLING address, the card #, expiration date, security number on back of card and billing phone number.  MWI only accepts Visa and MasterCard for credit card payments.  We also accept all credit cards if paying with PayPal.

There will come a time that you have to explain the differences between a 32ECT (Edge Crush Test) box and a 200# test box.

Corrugated boxes are made of cardboard with an inner sheet a corrugated middle and an outer sheet, so what's the true difference between a 32ECT box and a 200# test box?

32ECT boxes have paper thicknesses of 33, 23, and 42.

200# test boxes have paper thickness of 42, 26, and 42.

Therefore, 200# test cartons are heavier and superior to 32ECT cartons.  The differences in these two boxes are not really noticeable to the naked eye.  Unless someone told you one from the other, not many people would be able to hold both types of boxes in each hand and know the difference.

That's all for now...............

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