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Account receivables is the accounting term for COLLECTING money from a customer for product sold to them or for services provided to them. As an account executive, it is your responsibility to keep your accounts current.

Most companies will pay on time, but occasionally, you'll own an account that begins to struggle or has a shift in personnel, which may cause them to be late on payments.

You will be contacted by an executive staff member if and when a collection is necessary. Sometimes these things are overlooked or missed, which is an honest mistake. Habitual accounts will be placed on a Cash on Demand (COD) or Pre-Pay status and will remain there until they can prove they are capable of paying their due bills in a timely manner. Encourage your accounts to pay on time please.

As an account executive, you need to know who the accounting people are with that company and make contact with them should a payment be due. When a company starts to miss payments or begins to distance the days before a payment is made, that is a sign that the company is struggling and it may come to a point that the company will go out of business and NOT pay MWI for product or services rendered.

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