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One of the best compliments you can offer MWI is to add new items to our steadily growing inventory.  As part of your qualification process when dealing with your customers, take the time to find out EVERYTHING they buy that's related to our industry.

If you learn what your buyers need and we can bring in a new item and fulfill a sale on that new item, everyone wins.  When a customer asks you for tape or boxes or something else, "ASK" them, "what else do you buy that we might be able to help you with?".  You just might be able to increase your sales by another 30 to 40% just by adding an additional product to our inventory.

Caution:  If you work out a deal with a customer to bring in a new item, make sure you get some type of commitment or a warehouse stocking agreement from them.  We don't want to bring in a few thousand dollars in inventory for a customer if there is no commitment to buy.  You also want to know the exact specifications of the product, what your selling price to them will be and how often that item will be purchased by your customer.

As the President of the company, the next best thing you can do other than increasing your sales is to increase our inventory.

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