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The first 90 days are critical for establishing a place with Movers Warehouse, Inc., (MWI).  This 90 day period is considered a probationary period, so what you do with these 90 days is up to you.  This period will also determine if you're to remain with MWI, so following your 90 day employment, you'll be reviewed for a final status with the company.  If you're selling, and we feel you're making an honest effort, you'll stand a great chance of being with MWI as long as you want.

All sales managers and account executives are guaranteed at least a 30 day trial period.  As stated above, if you're generating sales, all the favor is on your side.  We're not asking for $5,000.00+ a week in gross sales during your probationary period, but we do expect you to generate NEW business and to be involved with the company.

If you're not selling and making money, then the company isn't making money.  If that happens, we'll have evaluate you, possibly retrain you, or let you go.  If a few weeks go by and we stop hearing from you and/or your clients, and no sales are coming in, you will be released due to loss of confidence in your ability to sell for the company.  Being released could also be due to your lack of connection and communications to the team, not because of a lack of sales.  We're not asking for thousands of dollars in sales during your first few months, but we do expect to see progress and growth from you.  And most important, we expect contact from you letting us know how you're doing, if you need assistance, and where your progress is.  When you're asked for a status on an account or a sale, it's paramount that you reply in a timely manner.

Updates on your accounts, your calls, and any activity needs to be reported up the chain on Wednesday's, and in your reports, let me (Richard) know who you've been in contact with by company name, what you were trying to sell them, and what feedback you received.

The leadership of MWI will work with all new sales personnel in every imaginable way, but understand we are not mind readers, and we don't have the time or resources to babysit anyone or track what you do each day.  Working from home means you have the desire, dedication and work ethics to do the right thing and help grow the business.  If you're a self-starter, and if you're assertive, and if you show that you want to do this job, the sky is the limit, and the support you receive will be over the top.  This is an opportunity that you can have for life.

Below are a list of survival tips that should help you along during this 90-day probationary period.
  • Keep in close contact with your leadership.  This can't be stressed enough.  There is no way you can know everything about the company, the products, how we handle deliveries or local pickups, so if you're not talking to a supervisor, WE CAN ONLY ASSUME that you're not talking to customers.
  • Don't wait on a supervisor to contact you for account statuses... let us know on your own and allow us to assist you.
  • If you are called or e-mailed by your leadership, make every effort to respond in a timely manner.
  • Add Richard's direct line to your cell phone 1-813-817-1221.
  • Don't let more than a couple of days pass before you make contact with your leadership.  A simple phone call or e-mail can go a long way.
  • Send contact statuses to your leadership EVERY Wednesday.  Let us know who you're contacting and what struggles you're facing so we can help you.
  • Let us know who's biting or who is showing serious interest in MWI and we'll help you land that account.
  • Keep a note pad ready at all times to write down notes and questions.
  • Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions...!
  • Check your e-mail at least twice daily (morning / afternoon).  You have access via the Internet 24/7 from anywhere.
  • You can even use Microsoft Outlook to download and manage your e-mail.  Call Richard if you need assistance getting that set up.
  • Download your e-mail to your phone (if supported by your phone).
  • Do not use your personal e-mail account to communicate with your customers.  Use our provided e-mail account only please.
  • Create a variety of e-mail templates to help you communicate with your customers.  This will keep you from having to retype a lot of information.  I can offer you a few of these.
  • Don't make your customers wait to talk to you.  If you get a voice mail, call them back ASAP.
  • Set short-term goals for yourself, like customer contacts and sales amounts you want to achieve in your first 30, 60 and 90 days.
  • Don't try to tackle too much at one time.  Pick an audience/industry, and a line of items to sell, and stick to that for the first couple of weeks.  Once you get a better understanding of what you're doing, feel free to tackle more items, and other customer types.  If you try to sell 100 items this early in your position with MWI, I promise you that you'll be overwhelmed and you'll feel like you're running around in circles.  Pick an audience and stick by that, unless another opportunity comes your way.
  • Courtesy Copy (CC) or Blind Courtesy Copy (BCC) all company related e-mails to for the first 90 days.  This allows us to evaluate your e-mail interaction with your customers, and fine tune or help you where needed.  It's really important to the company that we're aware of all your interaction with current or pending customers.
  • Visit the website to educate yourself on our products before you try selling them.  Know your products inside and out.
  • Then do an internet search for the same item using Google, Bing, AOL or other, and see what other companies are selling that item for.  Look at their pricing and see where you need to be before you make your quote.  You will see that we can offer significant discounts on 90% of our items.
  • Before you give out pricing, always QUALIFY your customers.  More on qualifying customers is in the online employee hand book.
  • Ask for help - ask for help - ask for help (we are alllll here to help YOU, so use us).
  • Don't worry about failure!  If you're applying yourself and if the leadership knows you're trying, we will do everything we can to help you, to teach you or do whatever it takes to make you profitable.  The companies main goal is GROW, and along the way, to write you generous commissions checks.  Once you're hired, we want to keep you, but you have to want to be here too.
  • If you are given a zone, region or territory, please stay inside your area.  This keeps other sales staff from trying to sell or make contact with existing customers.
  • Try starting out with items that offer the most commission.  Commissions are maxed out at 40% of your NET income.  See commissions scale for more information.
  • Understand that NOT ALL business is GOOD business.  If you're on a 20% margin with an existing account, and it takes us that 20% just to service the company, than that company is not good for us.  When you consider your profit margin, consider volume, how often the customer orders, handling, delivery location / distance, fuel, driver costs, maintenance, and more.
  • NEVER sell for less than 25% "on average" per invoice without prior permission from Richard.
Get Organized:
  • Get organized!
  • Create customer folders for each customer you sell too.
  • Group your customers by business type, especially if you're using Outlook and want to use distribution lists.
  • Have plenty of note pads around you to take notes while talking to customers.
  • When you make contact with a customer over the phone or in person, have their file in front of you.
  • Establish a system that enables you to keep track of customer conversation or when to follow up with them.
  • Make contact with someone in your leadership chain at least every 2-3 days during your probationary period.
  • If necessary, MWI will provide you with your own set of business cards, but only after the 90 day probational period.
Be Ready to Go:
  • Have the mindset that you WANT to GROW with MWI.
  • Strive to become a sales manager, a state leader or a territory manager.

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