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All account executives are provided a full inventory of every item carried by Movers Warehouse, Inc., (MWI).  Along with this inventory is our COST pricing.  This is what MWI actually pays for an item "delivered" to one of our warehouses.  This information is CONFIDENTIAL and should never be shared or released to anyone outside of the MWI organization.

We provide this cost pricing, so that you can establish your own pricing for customers.  Not all customers are the same and not all customers pay the same thing.  One customer might pay $24.95 for a 20 cube bag of packing peanuts and another customer might pay $18.50.  It all depends on the customer, how much they buy of that item at a time and their volume over a set period of time.

At no time are you to sell at a profit margin of less than 25% without prior approval from Richard.  Doing so "without prior permission" may risk you losing any commission on that sale.

If selling at 25% or higher is going to kill the sale, just contact Richard and to discuss the sale and make a decision where everyone wins.  Many factors need to be considered if we allow an item to sell under 25%.  If you're making 60% on one item and selling another at 22%, and both items are on the same order, then yes, we can do this all day long.

Remember, sell for profit, sell honestly, sell fair, but sell to MAKE MONEY!

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