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Sales leads are just that... information leading to a possible sale or information that could lead to increasing the sale or experience.
Receiving a Sales Lead:
When you receive a sales lead, you are now the IMPACT player and YOU set the tone with this new client and have the opportunity to win them over or lose them altogether.  We don't know at this time what type of account this can be, so be extremely professional, courteous, answer their questions, and learn all you can about themQUALIFY them, as explained in the employee handbook.
  • If the lead is a company, get on and learn what you can about them before you do anything else.
  • Make contact with your lead as soon as possible following the previous step.
  • Remember, if you're not aggressive and giving that new lead your attention, someone else will, so be on your game.
  • Discuss the product he/she shows interest in or recently purchased.
  • Make sure you fully understand the product, colors, sizes, features and other, so that you don't sound like do-do over the phone or by e-mail.
  • Visit and educate yourself on the product(s) if you are unsure.
  • Discuss that product in full details with your lead and make sure you are both on the same page with what is being requested.
  • Learn their purchasing ability, what they buy, how often it's purchases, and get a target price from them for future orders and/or items.
  • Ask about other products they use that you may be able to up-sell.  Even if we don't stock that item, it doesn't mean we can't.
  • Send an e-mail to them, so that the buyer will have your information somewhere.
  • When a customer makes a purchase off our website, that customer will be forwarded to you.  If this was not your customer, you will not get credit for that sale.  However, once you're given that account, all future sales will belong to you, which you'll earn your commission on.
  • Always follow up!
Sending a Sales Lead:
When providing a sales lead to a member of our team, do your best to provide as much information as you can about the lead.  When possible, and if known, supply the following information.
  • The name of the company or contact person.
  • A phone number, a fax number and/or e-mail address.
  • How contact with this lead was made.
  • When the initial contact was made.
  • What product(s) or service(s) the lead was looking for.
  • Information traded verbally or by e-mail with this lead.
  • Any e-mails you may have exchanged.
  • If you made any promises or commitments to them.
  • Any other information you can share.
New business on Movers Warehouse's Website:New business on Movers Warehouse's Website:
We get a lot of business on, which we consider house accounts.  These customers do not belong to any particular state.  However, when it's a business that is ordering, their information will be forwarded to the appropriate sales manager for follow up, and we'll provide that sales manager with as much detail as possible about the order.  When possible, we'll supply the name, e-mail address, phone number, item(s) ordered, their price, the shipping cost, and their total order amount.  This may be done through a screen shot of their order, so from that point on, that customer will belong to you, so go after them.


If an account is given to you by the house, not from another sales manager, and it's an account that was worked without a state sales managers assistance, the initial order will not go towards your commission credits.  You will not get paid on accounts that you didn't work or had influence in.  Once that initial order is worked, and all the sweat and tears of the work has paid off, that account will be passed on to a state manager to manage.  At that point, you will get credit for any future orders because it will be the state manager that will be responsible for this account from that point on.

Exception:  If a sales manager is part of an initial order on a new customer, than yes, that sales manager will receive the credit on the initial order.

The term HOUSE means an in-house account or an account that was worked by office staff or company executives.

If you have a lead for a customer in another team members territory, do the right thing and pass the information over to the perspective sales manager.

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