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Selling on commissions can be very rewarding "if" you apply yourself.  When you don't apply yourself, you make less and can possibly misrepresent what MWI is trying to do with account executives.  The ultimate goal is to be profitable and MWI will do everything possible to make sure the right people are in place to make that happen.  Profit needs to be your #1 goal, both for the business and self.

The packaging, cleaning and industrial solutions sold by MWI sell themselves and sell often, so the potential is huge for you to make BIG money.  98% of what we sell is a consumable product, so that will keep the customers coming back time and time again.  Once you land a few accounts and they come back for more business, you'll earn commissions on that account as long as you're an active account executive.

As a sales person for MWI, we expect that you'll do your best to achieve a minimum volume of sales.  You're first 30 days will let you and MWI know if you're the right person for this job.  We get calls regularly from interested people looking for an opportunity to sell for us, but not everyone is fortunate enough to get that opportunity.  Let's face it, not everyone is a good fit for MWI.

Past account executives wanted to babysit 2 or 3 accounts and make a couple hundred dollars a month.  This is not the type of person we would consider as a good fit for MWI.  We are not looking for sellers that want to do enough just to get by, account executives are given territories, so it's expected that you'll do everything you can to sell to your entire territory.  Yes, it's part time, but you will soon see how a part time job can turn into a full time job with an enormous earning potential.

We are looking for aggressive sellers!  Sellers that will get on the phone, build relationships and manage their accounts.  Resellers are protected by territories, so don't worry about another seller going into your back yard.

The table below outlines monthly expectations for all account executives.  What we've outlined is very achievable with just a few hours a week of your time.  Averages are GROSS values and are calculated based on a 5 day work week.  Some days will not generate business, but on an average day, week or month, we would like you to achieve the gross sales goals described below.  These goals are low and easily achievable.

1st Month:  A fair expectation for anyone in their first month is $100.00 a day, $500 a week or $2,000 a month (on average) in GROSS sales.  If you can achieve $2,000 in gross sales during your first month, you're doing fantastic and right on pace.  This is a critical month that needs to show activity.  If you're not making sales, then MWI has to look at why and reassess your status.  As a business, every decision of ours has to be based on profitability.  If you're not making profit for the company, we'll assess why and give you every opportunity to become profitable.  When those efforts fail, we will have to consider other options were our last resort effort may be letting you go.  MWI is in business to be profitable above anything else, so if you aren't applying yourself, there are plenty of people on standby waiting for this opportunity and will take your place given the chance.

2nd Month:  Now you're getting a little more comfortable and should know the product line, so we would like to see $250.00 a day, $1,250 a week or $5,000 a month on average.

3rd Month:  It's expected by this time that you've made enough contact with buyers in your territory to generate at least $500.00 a day, $2,500.00 a week or $10,000 a month (on average).

4th Month:  Congratulations... YOU'VE MADE IT.  If you're with MWI going into the 4th month, you're pretty impressive and have won the hearts of MWI's staff.  By the 4th month, we would like to see you selling $750.00 a day, $3,750.00 a week or $15,000.00 a month (on average). 

5th Month:  You are now close to making this part time job a full time job.  By the 5th month, we would like to see you generate $1,000 a day, $5,000 a week or $20,000.00 a month (on average).

The amounts provided for each month are just goals to set.  These are not required numbers to hit.

6th Month and Ultimate Goal:  KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

If you are maintaining your goals, you've done very well for yourself and we thank you for all you've done.  By the 6th month, you should be well versed on all of MWI's product line and have successfully reached out to movers, self-storage facilities, industrial type businesses, bakeries, product distributors, seafood distributors, fruit growers, realtor's, end users and more.  Your daily goals at this level should be $1,250.00 a day, $6,250.00 a week or $25,000.00 a month on average.

If you're doing very well in your territory and a neighboring territory is NOT doing well, when that sales person will be released and that territory will be sectioned out to a successful account executive.

Once you build your base, the money will come rolling in.  When you land your first 10 to 20 customers and they buy each week or two, the money is automatic.  Even if a customer calls MWI or faxes in an order, once you land that customer, that customer is yours forever, so do your best to keep them.

NEVER SELL UNDER 25%.  As long as what you sell has a blended profit of 25%, we can support it.  If one item resells at 17%, but another sells at 35% over cost, that is fine.  The entire order on a blended profit margin needs to always be 25% or higher.  If you have to do less than that to get the sale, tell your customer to sit tight and contact Richard ASAP for approval.

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