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The top down report is a list of the top items sold and with the most profit.  These items allow for the greatest commission and it also allows you to have wiggle room on large volume orders.  We've also included a list of items that sell well, but don't offer nearly the profit.

Most Profitable Items:  The items below offer an easy markup between 50 and 100% 
  • Cleaning supplies (liquids - 100% to 200%+ profit margin)
  • Newsprint packing paper (70%+ profit margin)
  • Corrugated rolls
  • Strapping tape
  • Aisle marking tape
  • Bubble Wrap (all sizes)
  • Tie-down rope 3/16" x 50'
  • Natural rubber tan 2" x 55yd carton sealing tape
  • 1.8 mil clear 2 and 3" x 110yd carton sealing tape
  • Carpet protection film (any size roll)
  • Hardwood floor protection film (any size roll)
  • Window protection film (any size roll)
  • HVAC duct & vent protection film (24" x 200')
  • Sticky mats [24 x 36] (150% to 200%+ profit margin)
  • 3-ply paper moving pads
  • Stretch film (pre-stretched) 18" x 1500'
  • Stretch film (w/ extended core) 20" x 1000'
  • Hand wrap stretch film (w/ extended core) 5" x 1000'
  • Steel Strapping
  • Packing peanuts [standard] (80%+ profit margin)
  • packing peanuts [100% biodegradable] (80%+ profit margin)
  • 18" wardrobe bars
  • 24" wardrobe bars
  • Duct Tape (2" x 20yd rolls) (100%+ profit margin)
Not So Profitable Items:  The items below "do" sell well, but you really only win in volume, but can expect to sell around 25% to maybe 35% over cost if you're lucky.  This will all depend on who you're selling to.  Companies and business will keep your margins low, but for end users, there is no reason why you can't get 60% to 100% profit over cost.  The box market is so over populated that it's very hard to compete.  They do sell, just don't bank on making a living with the sale of boxes.
  • Moving boxes
  • Cubed boxes
  • Stock boxes
  • Duct tapes (2" x 60yd rolls)
You can do well with boxes if you land a good warehouse where they distribute their own product line.  When you can make boxes specific to one company, then you will win in volume.  For the sale of boxes, it is highly recommend that you market only in Florida.  If we ship boxes out of state, someone else will have that box cheaper.  We might be cheaper in Florida, but, by the time your customer pays the shipping, it's just best to buy local for them.

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